Keep Our Children Warm this Winter - Hugs for Gloves
It's getting cold and children in our communities are in need of warm winter clothes. Our volunteers are shopping for deals to provide coats, gloves, and hats to children in need. 
Last year a little boy who received a coat did not want to take it off inside the classroom. He was so happy to own a nice warm coat and did not want to part with it!
Please help us support local children at Grenville Bakers Boys and Girls Club, Glen Cove Boys and Girls Club, the Glen Cove Youth Bureau, St. Dominic's Outreach, the California Avenue School in Uniondale, and others.
Please donate now - every contribution is welcome!
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Keep Our Children Warm this Winter!

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children in winter coats
Every year, as it gets cold, we donate as many coats, hats, and scarves as possible to needy children in our community: Grenville Bakers Boys and Girls Club, Glen Cove Boys & Girls Club, Glen Cove Youth Bureau, Uniondale Elementary Schools, and others. Our volunteers shop for deals on clothes and wrap them beautifully for the children.
Last year a little boy was sitting in the warm classroom and did not want to take off his new coat. He was so happy to have received such a gift and did not want to part with it!  Please open your heart and help us provide coats!
Locust Valley Rotary Club Picnic Pops June 4, 2022
Join us for this free event to celebrate the new gazebo in Thomas Park. Live music, bring your own chair and picnic. June 4th, 2022, at 4  p.m. to 6 p.m. Many thanks to our donor!
Pictured are just a few of the new coats, hats, and gloves that Locust Valley Rotary Club gave to children this winter.
Spearheaded by Rotarians Karen Rosolino and Ellen Hanes, Gloves for Hugs is Locust Valley Rotary Club's annual project to provide warm winter wear to children in need, which began in 2017.
This winter a total of 151 children in Locust Valley, Glen Cove, Oyster Bay and Uniondale received gifts of brand new coats, hats and gloves. This was the most children, ever!
Many thanks to our partner organizations - the Grenville Baker Boys & Girls Club, the Glen Cove Boys & Girls Club, the Glen Cove Youth Board, the California Avenue School (Uniondale), St. Martha's Social Ministry (Uniondale) and St. Dominic's Outreach - for helping to identify and reach out to children in need. Thanks also to club members, to Rotary District 7255, and to other donors who make Gloves for Hugs possible each year.
If you want to support Gloves for Hugs, donations are gladly accepted year-round. Please click here.


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